Development, Acquisition and Commercialization of Revolutionary Healthcare Products

Conversion Labs is discovering and marketing innovative consumer products that address large unmet needs in the market. New product opportunities are everywhere, yet few companies have the expertise to recognize gaps; source products that can fill those gaps; and commercialize these new products in a rapid, scalable approach that doesn’t require large amounts of capital.

Conversion Labs proven track record is the result of a diverse leadership team comprised of individuals with experience in product licensing, online advertising, direct-response marketing, mergers & acquisitions, and private equity. With our in-house marketing team, we test, optimize, adapt and scale our marketing campaigns rapidly and efficiently, for quick proof of concept and return on investment.


Historically, 80-90% of new product launches fail within the first two years. Depending on the product and industry, new product launches may require millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in outside capital. Given this historically high failure rate, investing in new product launches with limited data to gauge consumer demand has been an extremely risky business. At Conversion Labs, we’ve developed a model to directly market products with multi-billion-dollar potential with very low initial capital requirements and a proven return on investment on marketing spend prior to product launch.


Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned industry experts and marketing specialists with extensive, in-depth experience in the healthcare and wellness industries. Learn More

Our Mission

Build Brands

Identify & build innovative brands in large markets


Increase media spend and campaign scale with low
capital risk


Always improve our infrastructure to prove out direct-response ROI


License, build, and manage top-tier all-natural and effective products


Strategically grow and scale marketing campaigns while maintaining strict control over spending


Improve our in-house, data-driven optimization and customer acquisition strategy

We Focus on Highly Scalable Products.

Our Brands